The Innocent

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Finding paradise and/or a sense of fulfillment can also come from within oneself. Accepting who you are and becoming not only comfortable, but happy about it is an amazing feeling. Brand’s who align with this ideal find a pathway provided by The Innocent archetype. 

Dive into the details to get a full view of the amazing brand archetype:


The Innocent archetype radiates with a pure and unwavering desire for simplicity, goodness, and a world unspoiled by corruption. Their motivations are rooted in the quest for happiness, safety, and a belief in the inherent goodness of people and the world. Innocents are motivated by the pursuit of a life filled with joy, wonder, and the preservation of a childlike sense of hope and optimism.


Winnie the Pooh: The beloved character Winnie the Pooh embodies the Innocent archetype. His motivation is to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, savoring honey pots and the companionship of friends in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Fred Rogers: Known to millions of viewers as “Mister Rogers,” Fred Rogers was a beloved television host who championed kindness, empathy, and the innocence of childhood on his show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. His kind heart and purity touched the lives and hearts of countless people over the years.

Anne Frank: Anne Frank, known for her diary written during the Holocaust, symbolizes the Innocent archetype. Her motivation was to hold onto hope and find beauty in a world filled with darkness, even in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Brand Examples

Coca-Cola: If there was one word to describe Coca-Cola and its suite of brands, it’d be “sharing.” The brand was built upon the notion of togetherness and enjoying the simplicities of life. From their legendary “Buy the World a Coke” advertisement in the 70s to their more recent “Share a Coke” campaign, Coca-Cola’s Purpose is to “refresh the world.” 

Disney: Many argue that the entertainment empire is exemplary of a Magician brand because of how it transforms worlds and sparks the imagination. I see Disney as more of an Innocent brand because of its motivation: Disney seeks to pull out the child in all of us through amusement parks, movies and television, toys, and so much more. They have a childlike innocence baked into the brand’s very core. With a mission to entertain, inform, and inspire, Disney helps people find fulfillment in the simple joys of childhood.

Charmin: How much can a bathroom tissue brand really own an archetypal driver? A lot, actually, as seen in the case of Charmin. A family of cartoon bears have taken over as the official mascots of the brand that’s been touting a better “going” experience for decades. “Enjoy the Go” is their newest slogan, and everything about the brand has been built around it. For Charmin, celebrating the simple pleasures in life is wonderful—and that’s innocently perfect.


Pure Optimism: Innocent brands possess an unparalleled optimism, viewing the world through a lens of unshakable positivity. Their outlook can uplift others and infuse hope into difficult circumstances.

Joyful Presence: They find delight in life’s smallest moments, embracing a sense of wonder and curiosity that brings joy to both themselves and those around them.

Genuine Kindness: Innocent brands radiate genuine kindness, as their intentions are rooted in a belief in the goodness of people. This kindness creates a warm and inviting presence.

Trust and Openness: They trust others and approach relationships with an open heart, often forming connections based on authenticity and mutual understanding.

Resilience: Their unwavering belief in the inherent goodness of the world allows Innocent brands to maintain a resilient spirit, even in the face of challenges.


Naivety: The Innocent archetype’s unyielding optimism can lead to naivety, causing them to overlook potential dangers or realities that require a more cautious approach.

Vulnerability: Their trusting nature can render them vulnerable to manipulation or exploitation by those who might take advantage of their innocence.

Avoidance of Conflict: Innocent brands may shy away from conflict or difficult conversations, fearing that facing negativity could shatter their idealistic view of the world.

Difficulty Coping with Disillusionment: When confronted with the harsh realities of life, Innocent brands may struggle to cope with disillusionment, as it challenges their core belief in the innate goodness of people and the world.

Dependency: They might become dependent on others for guidance and decision-making, relying on those they trust to navigate more complex situations.

In summary, the Innocent archetype embodies the essence of pure optimism, trust, and a belief in the goodness of the world. Their strengths include a joyful presence, genuine kindness, openness, and resilience. However, they must navigate challenges such as naivety, vulnerability, avoidance of conflict, difficulty coping with disillusionment, and potential dependency. Innocents remind us of the beauty of a hopeful perspective and the power of kindness and simplicity in shaping our experiences.

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