Telson tequila packaging & design

Telson Tequila packaging and branding by Vicarel Studios

Vicarel Studios’ work for Telson Tequila grabbed my eye on LinkedIn as I was doomscrolling. It’s bright orange-yello color jumped off the feed and as I dug deeper into the full breadth of the work, it just got better and better. Sort of like a fine tequila. Pulling inspiration from Mexican architecture and history, the […]

Co&Co Sausage packaging design

Co & Co sausage packaging by Bright Minds

The packaging for Co & Co immediately struck me as interesting because of multiple elements. The illustrations were not the trending styles of moment, and the typography was in the not Latin script alphabet, but was still effective for a person who doesn’t read Cyrillic. The deep black background creates a moody vibe to the […]

Danke chocolate Easter packaging design

Danke Páscoa chocolate Easter packaging design by Nata Design

As designers we’re constantly enamored with modern and trendy design aesthetics that often we forget the wonderful beauty found in more classic design styles. Nata Design’s work for Danke Cacao, a chocolate brand in Brasil, is proof positive that classic design still has staying power. Nata Design had the opportunity to create the limited edition […]

The Twenty One Hotel

The Twenty One hotel branding by Marlon Tate in Athens Greece

From wayfinding through all the little details, Marlon Tate’s work for The Twenty One hotel in Athens, Greece is spectacular. It’s a profound expression of modern design at its finest and never does it stray away from a cumulative brand language. An Art Deco, modern typeface serves as the defining characteristic of the brand. Set […]

Café Emil restaurant branding

Café Emil restaurant branding by Nice Guy

Handscrawl doodles make this café brand standout in a world of design that’s usually marked by a mix of minimalism and kitsch. Starting with the core logo which is the handy work of the cafe’s founder, the brand takes on a semi-whimsical vibe in a high contrast black and white color palette. The contrast between […]

Nanu food branding & packaging

Nanu heritage foods food branding and packaging design by Cherry Bomb Creative

Nanu is a food brand with a deep heritage in Mexico. The team at Cherry Bomb Creative took the brand beyond modern and into a place of timelessness where the heritage is honored while the vibe is over the top fun. Nanu’s defining characteristic for the logo is it’s curved, thick typography. It’s bold and […]

Twenty Grams café restaurant branding

Twenty Grams cafe branding by Yeah Studio

Bold simplicity tells the story of 20 Grams in a high contrast color palette. From the modern typography as a basis, the design team adds a dash of disruption with a hand drawn script that carries a pop of color. The dichotomy of the two creates a brilliant merging of perfection with high creativity which […]

Moustache cookie restaurant branding

Moustache cookie and milkshake restaurant branding by Studio South

Studio South’s brand identity redesign for 10 year old cookie and milkshake restaurant is absolutely eye catching. From the soft yellow primary color through the highly iconic moustache brand mark, the new look and feel establishes an attention grabbing brand. Moustache’s thick typography complements the mark nicely with similar weight in execution. It stands out […]

Brew coffee restaurant branding

Brew organic coffee restaurant branding by Studio Hervik

Whimsical, bright, and playful are the traits I’d use to describe Studio Hervik’s work for Brew, an organic coffee brand located in Greece. Led by bright yellow with strong, soft navy blue, the brand’s palette feels like a bright Grecian day. The unique approach to illustrations with thick, solid lines and hard corners feels upbeat […]

Kokomo restaurant branding & packaging

Kokomo restaurant branding & packaging by Zak Design

Fresh colors and strong geometry lead the visual identity and packaging for Kokomo, a health food restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia. From the core logo through the packaging and even the environments, the team at Zak established a well orchestrated design language that was ultimately flexible in color ways as well as illustration. The brand […]

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