Park Lane hotel branding

Park Lane hotel branding by Mother Design

The brand identity design for Park Lane hotel in New York is another installment in the Art Nouveau resurgence the design industry has embraced as of late. Park Lane is a notable hotel that borders New York City’s Central Park. As an architectural icon with a rich history, the rebrand became a challenge to realizing […]

What’s the Secret to Studio/Agency Success?

Secret to ad agency and creative studio growth

Creative agency and studio owners seem to always be looking for the path to success. Whether success is measured in revenue, profitability, scale, or a combination of all three, the secrets to realizing success actually aren’t found in a newfangled idea, software, or expert opinion. They have been, and remain, the four P’s: People, Processes, […]

Minuta Pasta food branding & packaging

Minuta Pasta food branding and packaging design by Ricardo Angulo

Ricardo Angulo’s design work for Minuta artisanal pastas is a classic example of good design. From serif typography that pulls in the classic attitude, to modern line work illustration that adds a modern touch, the brand coalesces into a confident identity suite that’s worth a deeper look. Extending the brand into packaging, Angulo utilizes a […]

Knahia restaurant branding

Knahia restaurant branding design by Requena Office

This sushi bar in Barcelona has a brand identity takes inspiration from the food to an all new level. Using the shapes of chop sticks and rolls (circles), designer Andres Requena created a refreshingly remarkable custom typeface that’s eye catching and creative without impeding on readability too much. The typeface for the brand challenges the […]

Hills hotel branding

Hills Hotel branding by Quinsay

One of the things I love most about hotel branding is the ability to think through multiple experiences on the same premises. From the overall hotel brand through the food amenities and more, these experiences are so immersive and full of opportunities for creating memorable brand identities. Quinsay’s design work for The Hills, a hotel […]

Rigor pizza restaurant branding

Rigor Pizza restaurant branding by Mundial

In the pizza branding world, red is certainly the most dominant color. However, sometimes the graphic elements make up for what would otherwise be a red-washed look. For Rigor Pizza, the typography is what really makes the brand standout as unique. Rigor’s typography is brutalist in its style with hard edges and corners that feel […]

Tvigwychsin vodka beverage branding

Tvigwychsin vodka beverage branding by Redkroft

The vodka craze has sort of come and gone, but that doesn’t stop new brands from popping up. Most fly by without warranting much of a look, but this one is different. Tvigwychsin is a new vodka brand born right after the Pandemic. Rather than focusing on a family history or authenticity, the creative team […]

Roaster&Brew coffee shop restaurant branding

Roaster&Brew coffeeshop restaurant branding by Tinge Studio

Simple color palettes serve as a wonderful backdrop for a quippy, whimsical brand for this coffee shop and online store in Dubai. Designed by the team at Tinge Studio, Roaster&Brew makes coffee fun again. Mixing doodles and simple typeset copy, the brand creates a fun identity that’s tongue-in-cheek while being direct. The identity’s core logo […]

The Brilliance of Apple’s Innovation Strategy

Iterative innovation is Apple's strategy

A lot of tech-heads love to poke at Apple as not being innovative. They point to the technology as having already existed long before Apple’s repackaging of it, claiming that it’s essentially a dumbed down version of better options. And there is merit to the argument. Apple certainly didn’t invite the laptop computer, nor did […]

The OWO Hotel branding

The Owo hotel branding by Colophon Type Foundry & Greenspace

Greenspace, and Colophon’s, work for The OWO hotel is a clear reminder of how important and powerful typography and discerning materials curation can build a luxury brand. The OWO can be found in the Old War Office in London. It’s a multi-use building that’s primarily a hotel, but also features residences. It’s elegant, gorgeous, and […]

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