Grab your restaurant's branding & marketing by the horns!

Creating and building a restaurant brand that’s nice won’t cut it. Not in this highly competitive, ever-changing world. No, you have to grab your brand’s strategy and marketing efforts by the horns to charge ahead of the herd. In this book, Joseph Szala takes readers through the components of building restaurant brands that charge forward.

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Bull Stories

Throughout The Bullhearted Brand book, I use stories of bulls from across cultures and time to illustrate branding lessons and truths. Here is a selection of those lessons and their names. You can get these collages in limited-edition lithograph print, hand-signed and numbered by supporting the publication of the book on Kickstarter. Here’s how »

The Parade of the Toritos - Branding Lesson

Branding Lesson: Be Bold & Unforgettable

The Parade of the Toritos / Yearly Fireworks Celebration in Mexico
The Three Bullox & The Lion - Branding Lesson

Branding Lesson: United You Thrive, Divided You Dive

The Three Bullox & The Lion / Fables of Aesop
Sacred Cows - Branding Lesson

Branding Lesson: Identities Should Be Profound Expressions

Sacred Cows / Hindu Culture
The Javanese Bull - Branding Lesson

Branding Lesson: Respect Thy Competition

Indonesian Culture
Jallikattu - Branding Lesson

Branding Lesson: Have the Courage to Grab the Bull by the Horns

Jallikattu / Pongal Culture
Ferdinand the Bull - Branding Lesson

Branding Lesson: A Passionate Purpose Drives Everything

Ferdinand the Bull / American Culture

Joseph Szala

Meet Joseph Szala, a multi-talented brand strategist and managing director of Vigor, a branding and marketing agency for food, beverage, and hospitality. With a broad skill set rooted in design and brand leadership, Joseph brings a powerful blend of award-winning creative, brand strategy expertise, and an unyielding passion for realizing the potential of brands large and small.

During stints at a handful of agencies in the New York City and Pennsylvania markets, he gained industry experience that fueled the desire to establish his own agency, Vigor, in 2003. Joseph built Vigor into a highly regarded restaurant branding powerhouse over the course of 15 years. During that time, it was his mission and primary focus to codify his own proprietary branding process for the restaurant industry. That process has since been leveraged to create new, innovative restaurant concepts from Honolulu to Boston, Miami to Seattle.

2010 saw the publication of his first book, Fire It Up: Building Restaurant Brands That Blaze. Joseph authored and curated the book in response to the need for a no-nonsense approach to developing restaurant brands. The book has been integral in helping clients and designers better understand the ins and outs of developing restaurant brands. In 2015 he published his second book, Stop Blasting My Mama: Make Email Marketing Succeed for Your Restaurant.

Joseph’s work has been recognized by respected industry magazines such as Communication Arts, Graphis, and has been published in multiple books on design excellence. He has spoken on the subject of beverage and restaurant branding at the FED Summit, AIGA, AAF, and multiple universities. He frequently authors or serves as subject matter expert for articles for Huffington Post, QSR Magazine, Fast Casual, FSR Magazine, Vox, The Washingtonian,,, SmartBlogs, Branding Magazine, and various other publications.


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