Bagel & Fox Cafe Branding by Ceren Burcu Turkan

n n n n n n n Led with a beautifully classic orange-red icon depicting a fox drinking a coffee, the brand identity for Bagel & Fox Café is striking from the onset. Café brands tend to be an open canvas for wildly imaginative design systems. For Bagel & Fox, the design approach is one […]

Tooth & Nail Squad Series Wine packaging design by Studio Ethur Ethur

n n n n n n n Studio Ethur Ethur drops another suite of wine packaging designs for the Tooth & Nail brand’s latest series: Squad Series. This series departs from the standard look and feel of most wine labels with a highly illustrative approach that feels fresh and urban. What makes the look even […]

Representivo Tequila Branding & Packaging by Henriquez Lara Estudio

n n n n n n n A lot of tequila brands take advantage of the vast opportunities Mexican culture provides for inspiration. While the brand identity and packaging for Representivo don’t stray from that path, the design has found a way to unify the rustic and the festive. Henriquez Lara Estudio approaches the Representivo […]

Huli Sue’s BBQ & Grill branding by Atlas

n n n n n n n Huli Sue’s sought to bring the aloha lifestyle to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. And, in my opinion, they’ve succeeded with this brand identity designed by Atlas Branding. Oftentimes, Hawaiian-inspired design rapidly dives into gaudy cliche’s of what folks think the island’s are all about, but the […]

Loant Coffee branding by Eduardo Dias

n n n n n n n Created by good-humored, happy friends, Loant is a small coffee brand dedicated to the beloved coffee culture. The brand is striking in its use of royal blue and deep blacks. Usually, these colors don’t work very well together at all, but designer Eduardo Dias seems to have aced […]

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