The case against “pivoting” and why there is a better way ahead

The case against brand pivots and pivoting as a strategy

2021’s word of the year could very well be “pivot,” and with good reason. If companies, and people, didn’t pivot in their professional and personal lives, they had a catastrophic struggle at hand. While pivoting was lauded as the savior for many brands, especially in the restaurant industry, there are times when pivoting becomes a […]

Cleaning up the murkiness surrounding Brand Purpose

Cleaning up the murkiness around brand strategy Purpose

Brand Purpose quickly established itself as the buzzword du jour in the 2010s with renowned, respected consultancies like Brighthouse, a BCG Company, and iconic thinkers like Simon Sinek dominating the thinking, and many others adopting and adapting it. The word has become ubiquitous among forward-thinking leaders who seek to scale brands with the stickiness to […]

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