Valuable leadership lessons from World Cup 2023

Agency leadership lessons from World Cup 2022

America has been slow to gather the fanatic exuberance for football, aka soccer, found throughout the rest of the world. For a long time I, personally, couldn’t understand why that was. The game is the beauty of complex strategy played out in wonderful splendor. Who wouldn’t love this? 2022’s World Cup matches served as a […]

The top 4 best project management software for small agencies and studios in 2022

Advertising agency project management systems review 2022

In the 20 years I spent starting, growing, and running Vigor, one thing that seemed to be a constant nagging issue was how we managed projects. During that sprint of time, I was able to work alongside other advertising agencies, design studios, and marketing consultancies. One thing that run true across the board was project […]

Why remote work could favor companies more than leaders may realize

Remote work favors companies more than employees

Summary: Many leaders have been reticent to a permanent shift where their teams work opting for varying levels of pressure in returning to office settings. Reasons for the resistance are logical but there are benefits to a shift to a nonstandard option that create opportunities for leaders and the companies they lead.  Upsides to remote work […]

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