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Mass Behaving

Unlock the Power of Branding with Archetypes

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Books on Archetypes Fall Short, and so do the agencies, designers, and clients that use them

There are many books on archetypes out there today that cover the topic in depth. Despite the robust knowledge within them, most fall short in explaining how to effectively use them in branding. Agencies and creatives who attempt to leverage the psychological power of archetypes to fuel branding, strategy, and creative endeavors usually fall into multiple traps from misconceptions as a result.

In Mass Behaving, I layout the path for understanding how archetypes really work in branding processes, and how to guide strategy workshops using them.

Video coming soon. For now, enjoy how English sounds to Italians.

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What's Inside the book
Extras & Downloads

Throughout the book I mention examples and tools to use for various parts of the archetype-driven strategy workstream. Here they are for you to download with the supplied code within the book.

Competitive Audit Sheet

Auditing competition is a critical step in understanding where there may be space for your brand to own. This sheet helps streamline what you should be evaluating in your research.

Sample Workshop Deck

Guiding workshops is an art form unto itself. With this sample deck you can help set the stage for highly fruitful archetype and brand strategy workshops. Use as a basis for your own version!

Archetypes Primer Presentation

You have the benefit of having read this book, but your clients and/or team may not have. Priming them with a baseline understanding is key to extracting dependable insights.

Archetypes Wheel Quick Reference

Keeping in mind all twelve archetypes and their quadrant is a big ask, so we’ve made it easy with this quick reference sheet you can print and use in your archetype workstreams.

Archetypes Card Deck

Power Your Brand Strategy Workshops with the Archetypes Card Deck!

Knowledge is the foundation, but tools help you put it in action. So, I’ve created a unique deck of archetype cards that you can use to power better workshops and outputs. These intuitive cards, and the accompanying instructions help you direct teams through archetype workshops with success.

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