Bull Stories

Bulls can teach us a lot about branding and marketing. They’ve been used as the focal point for many folktales and parables across the world, time and cultures because of their multi-faceted symbolism. 

For this reason, I’ve used them to springboard into deeper meaning through The Bullhearted Brand’s pages. On this page, I’ve provided an overview of the stories and their lessons. You can dive deeper into the stories and how these lessons apply by reading/listening to The Bullhearted Brand.


Jallikattu - Branding Lesson

Lesson: Have the courage to grab the bull by the horns.

Bull in a China Shop

A Bull in a China Shop - Branding Lesson

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to break the rules.

Three Bullocks & The Lion

The Three Bullox & The Lion - Branding Lesson

Lesson: United you thrive. Divided you dive.

95-96 Chicago Bulls

1995-96 Chicago Bulls - Branding Lesson

Lesson: People make a brand unstoppable.

Javanese Bull

The Javanese Bull - Branding Lesson

Lesson: Respect thy competition.

Ferdinand the bull

Ferdinand the Bull - Branding Lesson

Lesson: A passionate purpose drives everything.

Sacred Cows

Sacred Cows - Branding Lesson

Lesson: Identities should be profound expressions.

Parade of the Toritos

The Parade of the Toritos - Branding Lesson

Lesson: Be bold and unforgettable.

The Clever Bull

The Clever Bull - Branding Lesson

Lesson: Evolve with purpose.

Babe the Blue Ox

Babe the Blue Ox - The Bullhearted Brand bull stories on branding and marketing

Lesson: Find great partners.